Outdoor Cameras

Outdoor Cameras

Foscam outdoor IP cameras are available in 3 styles which include dome security cameras, bullet cameras and PTZ cameras.

Dome security cameras can be used indoors or outdoors and are commonly mounted under eaves or on ceilings. They're often called vandal proof cameras due to the protective housing around the camera being the dome cover.

Outdoor bullet cameras are often mounted onto walls and also have the ability to be easily adjusted in different directions to make sure the camera is picking up up the desired viewing area.  Aesthetically they can be more noticeable than a dome security camera which can be handy in letting people know your home or office is protected by a security system. Installation is generally quite easy as they are available in POE (Power Over Ethernet) versions as well as Wi-Fi wireless security camera versions.

PTZ security cameras have the ability to Pan and Tilt the camera in all directions as well Zoom in on a subject when required. These tend to be more expensive than dome and bullet cameras but can often save you money in the end. As they can see in all directions, generally only one camera is required to cover a large viewing area. These surveillance cameras are also available in wired and wireless configurations.