Tenda SP3 Beli Smart WiFi Plug, AU Australian smarthome version

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  • Tenda SP3 Beli Smart WiFi Plug
  • Tenda SP3 smart plug
  • Tenda SP3 Beli WiFi plug
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Tenda SP3 Beli Smart WiFi Plug - Australian smarthome version

The Beli SP3 is a smart Wi-Fi plug designed for Australia. It can turn electronics off or on from anywhere with your smartphone using the Beli app. You can schedule the Smart Plug to automatically switch off & on when you’re away or select a schedule for controlling many devices with the push of a button. The SP3 from AV Mart Australia works directly with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to manage your devices through Voice Control.The Beli SP3 works on secure 2.4GHz wireless networks without the need for a separate hub.

Manage your Smart-Home at any time from anywhere

Tenda SP3 WiFi plug smart switch

APP Management from Any Location
Whether you're relaxing on the couch, or vacationing in the Caribbean, the app grants you full-access to your home network, so you can manage your household right on your mobile phone.

Tenda SP3 smart plug app

Easy and Efficient Smart-Home Management
Stay in control, by creating a scheduled power-plan, so whether you're turning off the porch light at dawn, starting the coffee maker while in the shower, or turning the lights back on at dusk, you make the rules.

Tenda SP4 dimensions

Enhanced Voice Activation
Each Smart Plug is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can manage and operate your electronic devices, from wherever Alexa and Google are within earshot.

Tenda alexa and google

Prevent Long-term Operating, Protect Devices
The timer function can switch off the devices at the set time, reducing the safety hazards caused by long-term operation of devices such as heaters and chargers. Ever left the iron on?

Tenda smart plug

Anyone Home?
Leaving your home for extended period? Simply set the smart plug to "Away Mode" and the smart plug will randomly activate and deactivate the attached illumination device, so it looks like you're home - even when you're not.

Tenda security

Power Saved = Money Saved
The SP3 allows you to freely and easily control your household appliances, to efficiently and effectively reduce long term power consumption, so you can save the Earth and your money at the same time!

Tenda can control all your appliances




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Warranty Information

Australian certified and comes with 3-year warranty
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