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Fibaro Home Center 3

A true game-changer to the smart home market, the Fibaro Home Center 3 

The gateway is a key element of the smart home system. This is the core of the automation system, which ensures that all devices work as we need them. The new FIBARO gateway is the most powerful device on the market. It got really fast, much safer and comprehensive than the previous version. The all-inclusive Home Center 3 power comes from efficient and high quality components that will make it perform at its tops for years. Approach of this kind makes the FIBARO production plant work and develop hardware in accordance to minimizing the carbon footprint philosophy.

Fibaro Home Center 3

Home Center 3 smart home gateway contains management center running FIBARO devices in combination with hardware based on Z-Wave protocol or even a 100 of Nice devices. Powerful components and chips are designed to introduce software updates enabling new features. Ethernet port and Wi-Fi gave the Gateway a network connection diversity and a broader range than ever before so it can be placed anywhere around the house. From now on, the Home Center 3 from AV Mart Australia is the most advanced smart home gateway on the market, which is ready for further features development. Home Center 3 is a turning point for the entire smart home environment.

Safety first

 System files security         Encrypted file libraries            Encrypted communication           FIBARO ID authentication

You can be sure that your data and access to your home are effectively protected. State-of-the-art security used by global laptop manufacturers is now a part of the Home Center 3 to guarantee complex data protection.


Fibaro - No Internet connection is no longer a problem 

No Internet connection is no longer a problem
Stop worrying about no Internet connection because your home will keep its smart features even without it. FIBARO's smart home keeps up the good work even without the world wide web connection.


Explore the Home Center 3

Explore a smart home with no limits
Based on Fibaro's 10 years of experience and numerous comments from FIBARO users and installers, Home Center 3 from AV Mart Australia is the most advanced smart home management unit in the world. Modern and reliable device that will allow you to control all of the smart home features in an easy way - a simple press of a button, a gesture or a word makes your smart home come alive. 


Fibaro HC3 - Manage your smartphone

Manage your smart home with a smartphone
Home Center App provides constant connection with your smart home and lets you manage it from anywhere in the world. The mobile app's promissing UX and simplicity of use have resulted in winning the 2019 CES Innovation Award.


Manage entire FIBARO smart home in a different way including your voice.

Your voice matters
Manage entire FIBARO smart home in a different way including your voice. Just a few words to one of the most popular voice assistants makes things happen in no time.

Android Auto or CarPlay.

Car that knows your smart home well
Voice control available in a car brings smart home management right into your car equipped with Android Auto or CarPlay. Full control over home devices while being on your way lets you prepare your home for your return or turn on entire security system while leaving the house.

Fibaro Home Center 3 specs

Processor Quad-core Arm Cortex A53 (1.2GHz)
HDD 8 Gb
Power supply 12V DC
Dimensions 220 x 140 x 35 mm
Protocol The range of radio frequencies
Z-Wave (500) 868.0-868.6MHz 869.7-870.0MHz
Where to buy AV Mart Australia
433 Mhz (OOK, FSK, GFSK) 433.54-433.92Mhz
868 Mhz (OOK, FSK, GFSK) 868.3-868.94MHz
Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n/a/ac) 2400-2483MHz 5150-5250MHz
Bluetooth Low Energy 2402-2480MHz



Fibaro Home Center 3 vs Home Center 2
Fibaro Home Center 3 vs 2

More range...
Fibaro Home Center 3 has up to 150m range which is 50% better than the Home Center 2 at 100m

More memory...
Fibaro Home Center 3 has 2GB on RAM on baord, That's twice the amount of the Home Center 2 at 1GB

More storage...
Fibaro Home Center 3 has 4x more storage with 8GB of RAM vs the Home Center 2 with 2GB of RAM

Faster processing...
Fibaro Home Center 3's CPU is 1.3x faster at 4x1.2 GHz compared to the Home Center 2 at 2x1.8 GHz


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