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Check out the Foscam C2M live in action here> 
Check out the Foscam R2M live in action here>
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Check out the Foscam R4M live in action here>

Which indoor Foscam security camera is right for me? 
Indoor security cameras are the perfect way to monitor your home while you're away or at work. They are also great as a WiFi pet camera to see what your cat or dog get up to during the day. With simple plug and play camera features, setup is done in minutes with no extra skills required. Connect to your home WiFi and start viewing the footage on your mobile phone instantly. The tough part is deciding which camera is right for you. Let us help...

Foscam offer a great range of surveillance security cameras for use indoors at your home or office. There are two main types available, the first is a basic fixed camera that you can place almost anywhere and manually adjust the camera to face your desired viewing area. The other being a camera with the ability to pan left or right across a room and tilt up and down so you can get a full view of everything around you. This movement is controlled remotely via the Foscam app. The pan and tilt CCTV cameras offer much more flexibility for only a few dollars more.

Fixed indoor security cameras: The Foscam C1 is basic 720p resolution camera. It has been around for a few years and still does a decent job however these days 1080p resolution is the way to go. The C2 is the 1080p version of the C1 but also quite an old model now. Your best bet is to consider either the X1 or C2M from AV Mart Australia. These are the latest models available from Foscam and both offer 1080p Full HD resolution, IR night vision and human AI detection. The primary difference being the X1 connects to your home network via WiFi only (no Ethernet port) where as the C2M can connect via WiFi or Ethernet.

Pan & Tilt indoor security cameras: The entry point is the FI9816P which is a very basic 1MP 720p PT camera. Very simple feature set but again, low resolution compared to Full HD 1080p cameras. In 2MP 1080p, you can choose between the Foscam R2M (which has replaced the older R2) and the X2. Again the main difference being the R2M has WiFI as well as an Ethernet connection where as the X2 on has WiFi (no Ethernet). Stepping up from there you move to he R4M which is a 4MP version of the R2M being 2MP. All other features are the same. Then lastly there is the FI9926P from AV Mart Australia which is not only pan and tilt but it also offers 4x optical zoom. This will enable you to zoom in even further with full clarity via the Foscam app. The FI9926P is a 2MP Full HD 1080p camera.

Compare Foscam cameras below...

Foscam X1 vs C2M comparison 

Foscam X1 vs C2M Comparison


Foscam FI9816P vs X2 vs R2M vs R4M Comparison Foscam FI9816P vs X2 vs R2M vs R4M Comparison

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