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Mighty 3 - Spotify music player

Mighty 3 & Mighty Vibe play your Spotify music and playlists without a phone, screen, or internet connection

Mighty Vibe 3 keeps it's cool minimalist design and now has a whopping 8 hour battery life! With a faster boot up time than the Might Vibe GEN2 and with improved connectivity, the Mighty 3 is the perfect music player for kids, runners, gym-goers or anyone wanting to enjoy their music without the distractions of a screen or internet. Mighty 3 is also available in a new Lavender colour!

If you're trying to avoid screen time and looking a Spotify music player for kids, or yourself, then look no further than Mighty 3. 




Get to Know Your Mighty

Mighty 3 Button layout


Power - turn on:

Hold down the Play button until the LED turns green.
Note: If you have a Gen 1 or Vibe player, the change from solid green (powering on) to blinking green may take up to 30 seconds.
Once ready, Mighty's LED will show white if plugged into the charger or blinking green if not plugged into the charger.

Power - turn off:

Hold down the Play button until the LED turns orange.

Auto-turn off:

Pause your Mighty. After 5 minutes, Mighty will enter low-power mode. After 15 minutes Mighty automatically turns off.

Playlist & Shuffle button:

Playlist switching - tap the "playlist / shuffle" button to toggle through your playlists.
Shuffle - to shuffle the songs within a playlist, press and hold the Playlist/shuffle button for 3 seconds.

Track & Artist Voiceover:

Double-click the Play button while the track is playing, and Mighty will speak the track title and artist name back to you.

Connecting Bluetooth headphones and speakers

Pairing a Bluetooth accessory can be a little tricky. You probably know that from pairing your Bluetooth accessories with other devices. For best results with your Mighty, please follow these steps to pair Bluetooth headphones or a speaker for the first time. Once Mighty is paired with your Bluetooth accessory you will not need to be paired again unless they are disconnected.
1. Make sure the Bluetooth accessory you are trying to pair is not already actively connected to another device (phone, MP3 player, etc). Bluetooth accessories can only have one connection at a time.
2. Make sure your Mighty is powered on and connected to the app from within the “Connections” section (chain link in lower left) of the Mighty app.
3. Put the Bluetooth accessory in pairing mode and swipe down on the screen from within the “Connections” section (chain link in lower left) of the Mighty app.
4. When the Bluetooth accessory is found, you will see a + next to the accessory name. Tap the + and the accessory will connect to your Mighty.

For more information, visit our Listening with Bluetooth support page.

LED Guide for Mighty 3

Mighty 3 LED Lights explained


Click here to find out how to use your new Mighty Vibe or Mighty 3 >

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  • Storage Capacity: 1,000+ tracks (8GB)
  • Battery Capacity: 8 hours of listening time on a single charge
  • Temperature Range: -17 to 35 Celsius (battery capacity may decrease in temperatures lower than 0 Celsius)
  • Buttons: Power, shuffle, song fwd/back, volume up/down, playlist selector (with spoken playlist names)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth for playback, WiFi for syncing
  • Compatible With: Bluetooth and wired headphones and speakers
  • Content Supported: Playlists and podcasts
  • Playback Mode: Offline - no phone or connection needed
  • App Support: iOS 9 and above, Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and above
  • Dimensions: 38mm x 38mm x 16mm 
  • Weight: 20 grams
  • Included: Charger, Quick Start Guide (headset not included)
  • Playback Requirements: Spotify Family or Spotify Premium (Mighty will not work with a free subscription)


Got more questions? Check out some of AV Mart's Mighty Vibe & Mighty 3 FAQ's below...

Q: What warranty does the Mighty Vibe & Mighty 3 come with? 

A: When you buy a Mighty Vibe or Mighty 3 from AV Mart Australia, you get a genuine 12 month Australian warranty. There is always a risk when buying off re-sellers on eBay or Amazon as they may not be around for long and if something goes wrong with your Mighty, you are on your own. But... when you purchase your Mighty Vibe from AV Mart Australia's website, eBay or Amazon store, you are covered :)    

Q: What colours are available? 

A: The Mighty Vibe (GEN 2) is available in Black, Blue & Red. The newer Mighty 3 is available in Black, Blue & Lavender

Q: What's new with the Mighty 3 compared to the Mighty Vibe (Gen 2)? 

A: The Mighty 3 Spotify music player now has 8 hours of playback time compared to 5 hours on the Mighty Vibe. The Mighty 3 also has an almost instant boot up time compared to the Mighty Vibe's boot up time of 20-30 seconds. 

Q: I don't have Spotify Premium. Can I use Mighty? 

A: A Spotify Premium or family account is required to take your playlists offline with Mighty. If you don't have a Spotify Premium account, you can sign-up for one at Then, open the Mighty app and follow the Setup Guide to setup your Mighty.

Q: I have a lot of playlists and synching is going to take awhile. Do I have to keep Mighty connected to my phone during the sync process? 

A: No. Once the sync is initiated, you can walk out of the house with your phone and the sync will complete as expected.

Q: We have a Spotify family account. Can I use multiple Mightys on one account so I can set a Mighty up for my kids but then still have my Mighty for running?

A: Yes. Spotify allows each account to have up to five offline devices. Each Mighty counts as one device. So in theory you could have 5 Mightys connected to your account.

Q: I have to sync more than once? I thought after the initial sync during setup I’d be all done.

A: Syncs only last 30 days so it’s important for you to sync often. Regularly syncing keeps your music fresh and also allows Mighty to verify your Spotify premium membership. Our

Stay Fresh feature helps you set a schedule for automatic syncing so you are never caught with a Mighty that needs to be synced right before a run or a big race. You're welcome to contact AV Mart Australia to find out more.


Can't find what you're looking for? All support articles can be found here>

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Looking for a Spotify player?  The best device to play Spotify Music on is the Mighty 3. 

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