Motorised Lens Cameras

Motorised Lens Cameras

Motorized lens security cameras, also known as motorized zoom cameras, are surveillance cameras equipped with motorized varifocal or zoom lenses. These cameras offer the convenience of remotely adjusting the focal length and zoom level, allowing users to control the camera's field of view without physically moving the camera itself. Motorized lens cameras can be controlled through an NVR, software, or a mobile app, making them ideal for flexible and dynamic surveillance needs.

The motorized lens allows users to zoom in and out to focus on specific areas of interest or to cover a broader area as needed. Some motorized lens cameras from AV Mart also offer autofocus capabilities to ensure clear and sharp images at different zoom levels. These cameras are commonly used in commercial and industrial settings, large properties, parking lots, and areas where precise and adaptable monitoring is essential.

The ability to remotely control the lens makes motorized lens security cameras suitable for applications where frequent adjustments to the field of view are necessary or where the surveillance area's requirements may change over time. If you're unsure what you might need then contact AV Mart today. With motorized lens cameras, users can efficiently manage their surveillance system and capture detailed images and video of subjects at various distances without the need for manual intervention.

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