Aqara FP2 Presence Sensor

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Aqara FP2 Presence Sensor 

The Aqara FP2 Presence Sensor is like no other sensor you've experienced before! It uses cutting-edge MMW (millimeter-wave) radar technology which allows for the automation of different conditions in different zones within one area. With the function of zone positioning, one space can now be divided into up to 30 small zones and recognize up to five targets (Multi-person Detection). This technology ensures continuity and stability of the smart device. It can accurately detect the presence of people even with slight movements.

It can also control other smart home devices through ecosystems such as Apple Home to achieve wider applications. It features functions such as human fall recognition and a built-in light sensor. Likewise, it is a great helper that can truly combine the diversity of the user's home life and realize the automation of different personalities.

Key Features:

  • Zone Positioning: It offers significant advantages over traditional PIR infrared motion sensors by using a single radar sensor to monitor rooms up to ca. 430 sq ft (ca. 40 m²)*. Furthermore, you can divide it into up to 30 zones, such as sofa, bed, or desktop. Additionally, you can set up individual automation for each zone. It is as if you were using several PIR motion sensors simultaneously with one Presence Sensor, FP2.
  • Multi-person Detection: Up to 5** target people can be detected simultaneously. The result is that, while dividing the space, it can also respond automatically according to the position of different people without interfering with each other.
  • Ultra-High Precision: Privacy and detection accuracy are taken into consideration. It is capable of recognizing non-inductive signal detection without collecting real images. Automation, in general, can be achieved locally. Millimeter-wave radar technology is more stable than infrared sensor detection, even when you're sitting or sleeping.
  • Control Other Devices via HomeKit, etc.:The FP2 is exposed as multiple sensors in HomeKit (and Home Assistant), Alexa and Google Home. You can integrate the sensor easily without requiring a hub, which is apparently the best solution for smart home enthusiasts to expand your smart home setup.****
  • Fall Detection and Alerts***: When someone in a room falls, the FP2 can detect and notify you. It is made in the most private and convenient way possible, without the need to wear any devices or install a camera for constant monitoring. The range is a circle with a radius of 2 meters, and the accuracy of fall detection is >98%. The recommended installation height is 2.5 m-2.8 m.
  • Built-in Light Sensor: Fully functional light detection sensor in the Aqara ecosystem. With it, lighting automation becomes much more flexible and enjoyable. The built-in light sensor also allows for advanced darkness-based home automation.
  • Local Automation & Flexible Installation Ways: After the setup is complete, the product runs locally. FP2's automation will still run as originally set if there is occasional Wi-Fi network instability. And it better protect your privacy. It has several installation methods to adapt in various installation scenarios.
  • IPX5 and Hidden USB-C Port: Because of its IP rating, the sensor can also be installed in wet environments such as bathrooms. The sensor has an open USB-C port, which allows you to swap the included cable to any USB-C compatible one, increasing the placement flexibility.

See how easy it is to install the Aqara FP2 Presence Sensor 

Zone positioning offers significant advantages over traditional PIR sensors by monitoring rooms of up to 40㎡ (ca. 430 sq ft), and dividing them into up to 30 zones. It is suitable for a practically endless variety of use cases based on the actual presence in each of such zones. Additionally, using just two conditions of “Presence” and “Absence” will make the automation configuration simpler than ever before. * Wall-mounting installation is required for zone positioning and multi-person detection

Moreover, the FP2 supports to detect up to 5 people simultaneously, making it particularly useful for households with multiple occupants*. It can be used for home automation and security purposes, but also for energy management, such as heating and cooling systems based on the actual room presence. With FP2 from AV Mart, you can enjoy a more intelligent and reassuring home environment, tailored to everyone’s needs. * The best result can be achieved in case of tracking not more than 3 persons

Captures Slightest Movements with Maximum Privacy
By implementing millimeter-wave radar technology, the FP2 provides a precise presence detection without producing false negatives, even for the slightest movements. On top of that, it is wearable-free and does not require a camera monitoring system, which ensures maximum privacy for users.

Multi-Ecosystem Support for Endless Possibilities
The FP2 is exposed as multiple sensors in HomeKit (and Home Assistant)*, Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Alice. You are able to integrate the sensor easily with no Aqara hub required, which is a good solution for smart home enthusiasts to expand your smart home setup. * The device can be added directly to Home Assistant using HomeKit Controller integration

Stay Proactive When Your Family Member Falls Down
You can mount the FP2 on the ceiling and activate the Falling Detection mode. The FP2 from AV Mart Australia will detect and alert you through the app as soon as someone falls, which will minimize the risk of injury for your family’s healthier lives.
Please note: * Ceiling-mounting is required for fall detection ** In fall detection mode, most features of the FP2 including zone positioning and presence detection become unavailable *** The FP2 Presence Sensor is not a medical device, and can only be used for notification purposes

1>N, Why Is It So Revolutionary?
The mmWave radar technology is the next big thing in smart home sensing! You will not need several sensors to detect different areas within a room, and careful configuration and long-term management of each sensor. With FP2, you will get multiple infrared (PIR) sensors and even one extra light sensor.

Pain Point of PIR Motion Sensor Presence Sensor FP2
Cannot detect specific area accurately Detects the presence by zones within the room
Cannot detect multiple targets simultaneously Detects presence of up to 5 people
Cannot detect presence when you are sleeping or sitting Detects presence even if you are not moving
Detects presence even if you are not moving Small pet* and robot vacuum-friendly
Can be affected greatly by room temperature Accuracy is the same all around the year

Local Automations

Wi-Fi doesn't mean being dependent on the cloud. The FP2 can easily execute automations locally, ensuring uninterrupted operation even without an internet connection. * Local automations are only available with other Aqara or Apple Home-compatible devices

Built-in Light Sensor
Additionally, the built-in light sensor , that is also exposed to third-party ecosystems allows for more flexible and enjoyable lighting automations, as well as advanced home automation based on illuminance levels.

Flexible Installation
The FP2 supports wall mounting, ceiling installation, and angle adjustment for flexible placement. It’s also possible to install the FP2 in the corner of the room, and configure the map* accordingly.

Ceiling-mounted Coverage

It is Ultimately Future-Proof
With its advanced hardware, the FP2 from AV Mart is able to support much more cutting-edge features such as sleep monitoring, people counting, posture detection (lying down, sitting, standing, walking) and Matter support for enhanced functionality.
Please note: * some newly added features may require the Aqara subscription


Product Type: PS-S02D/PS-S02E (Aqara FP2)
Recognition Range: Wall mounting:8 meters in the radial direction, with a horizontal angle of 120°, tracking up to 5 targets.
Ceiling mounting: A circle with a radius of 2 meters, the accuracy of fall detection>98%
Power Supply: DC 5V 1A, Type-C ports
Wireless Protocol: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz, Bluetooth 4.2
*Bluetooth is available for the future feature as Matter
Operating Temperature: —10℃~+40℃
Operating Humidity: 0~95% RH,non-condensing
Protection Rating: IPX5
Where to buy Aqara FP2: AV Mart Australia